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VisaNetwork is a group of professionals dedicated to the challenging duty of accomplishing complex visa documentation for the busy executives. With a client base consisting of ninety-five percent corporate travelers, our visa team serves the nation's leading high-tech and aerospace companies, government offices, corporate travel agencies and charity organizations.

Established in 1989, VisaNetwork is a woman minority owned company. Our Team of visa professionals are fluent in 6 foreign languages and trained in the intricacies of the international documentation. Many of them have had over 20 years experience working with leading International Airlines and Business Travel Centers in United Kingdom, New York, Boston and San Francisco.

Our Mission
The mission of VisaNetwork is to provide international documentation solutions to our clients worldwide. Through the in-depth professional experience, dedication and collaborative effort, the VisaNetwork Team is able to resolve the most trying and challenging cases for the corporate travelers. Our goal is to assist the travelers with the answers and solutions to their last minute crisis, so they can focus on that very important business meeting tomorrow.

Special Projects recently awarded to VisaNetwork:

"Three Kings" by Warner Bros.

"World Flight" sponsored by Pratt & Whitney. A replication of Amelia Earhart's 1937 around the world flight that covered 20 countries over 5 continents.
"Earth Wind" project, sponsored by Hilton Hotels Corporation.

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