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Effective immediately - Apr 11th Due to a CKGS transition process last week, expect processing times to be delayed an additional 5 working days or more from our processing time schedule.


Effective immediately - Mar 8th
The Consulate of Thailand in Portland, Oregon will be closed from March 6th until March 16th, reopening on Monday March 20th. All Thailand visas requests during this time frame will need to be processed through the Thailand Consulate General of the applicants jurisdiction. Please call Visa Network for details.

U.S passport:

Effective immediately - Fed 13th. There is an increasing volume of passport renewal requests that has created a back log in the expedite passport process. All expedited US passport processes are taking 4 weeks or more at the San Francisco Passport agency. IF you need to obtain your passport or renew your passport for an upcoming international trip but can not wait 4 weeks, please choose the appropriate rush option on our order form and provide a flight itinerary along with the documents you send to our office. To avoid unnecessary delays, please make sure to read all the instructions for the process you are requesting and provide all the necessary documents listed.


Effective immediately - Jan 29rd New requirements for China visa, please refer to our requirements page:

Hong Kong

Effective immediately - Jan 23rd. The Pre-arrival Registration for Indian passport holders will be implemented on 23 January 2017. The online service for "Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals" is now opened for a visit to Hong Kong for up to 14 days.

China Visa

China consulate will no longer honor any rush visa request from any European passport holder.

U.S passport:

Effective immediately - Oct 29th. Passport pictures should not contain glasses! Passport pictures with glasses will not be accepted by the government.


Effective immediately - Aug 29th, the Vietnam consulate in San Francisco is now issuing 1 yr multiple entry visas for tourism and business USA passports applicants. Please note that this new provision will only be granted to US Passport holders.
Single/multiple entry visas for 1 or 3 months will be available for Non-US passport holders only.
There are no additional paperwork required aside from what is listed on our Visa Requirement page.

Australia ETA:

Effective immediately, we are able to process ETA visa requests (Australia E-Visa) for the following countries ONLY:

  1. USA
  2. Brunei
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Japan
  5. Malaysia
  6. Singapore
  7. South Korea
Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the ETA application form. The process takes up to 5 days.

Important: If you hold a passport not mentioned in the list above, please refer to our visa requirements section for a complete list of the documents you will need to send to our office to obtain a visa for Australia. Please be advise that there is no rush option available.

Is your Passport about to expire?
Most countries require at least seven months of validity in your Passport. We can assist in the renewal of your U.S. Passport if it's about to expire. For other nationalities, please call.

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