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Effective May 22, 2006, all DS-11 and DS-82 Passport Applications submitted to the San Francisco Passport Agency from a registered Visa courier service must be completed Online, and then be printed and signed (

The Passport Agency has just recently updated its Passport Amendment Policy. If you are looking to get a Passport Name Change or add additional Pages to your passport, please read this update.

Let Visa Network assist you with getting your U.S. Passport for your travels. At the San Francisco Passport Agency, Visa Network is allowed to submit expedited requests only. This means that the passport agency will apply a rush fee to your passport request; the fee will be indicated on the online form, (hand written applications are not acceptable). You must indicate on our Visa Network order how fast you want your "expedited" request to be processed. All expedited services can be done within 2-3 weeks, 3-5 business days, or 24 hours. br>
1. Passport Renewal
Don't let your Passport expire. Many countries require at least six months of validity left in your Passport after you exit their country.

2. 1st Time Passport
For those who have never had a U.S. Passport, or passport has expired for over five years, or applicant is 16 years or younger; you will need to apply as a First Time Passport applicant.

3. Lost/Stolen Passport
In the event that your Passport has been misplaced or stolen.

4. Add Pages

5. Name Change
Need to change the last name in your Passport? We can help.

6. Second Passport
We can assist you with getting a second US passport that's valid for two years.

7. U.S. Passport for Children and Minors
Please review additional information regarding Passport for minors (16 years or younger).

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