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Lost / Stolen / Damage Passports

For those whose:
  • Passport was lost or stolen.
  • Passport is severely damaged.

Important Additional Information:

If you lost your passport, your passport was stolen, or your current valid passport is severely damaged, you must apply as a 1st Time Passport applicant. Make sure to complete and print the DS-64 form, the DS-11, and write a personal statement; refer to the checklist below. These 3 documents are required in addition to the documents required from a 1st Time Passport applicant. Please follow all 1st Time Passport instructions.

Passport pictures should not contain glasses! Passport pictures with glasses will not be accepted by the government.


  • Complete the DS-64 statement form.
  • Complete the DS-11 application form online (print two sets of the DS-11 applications). Do not sign applications until instructed.
  • Write a personal statement, addressed to the Passport Agency in San Francisco. Please include details regarding the reason you need to reapply for a passport; i.e. how it was lost/stolen/damaged. Please be specific as possible.
  • Take the documents above to a Passport Acceptance Facility (County Court House or Post Office only) See 1st Time Passport for specific instructions and other MANDATORY documents.
  • Attach the second set of DS-11 form to the outside of the sealed envelope.
  • Send the sealed envelope, along with our Order Form to Visa Network.

Send your documents to:

Attn: Passport Agency Coordinator
Visa Network
870 Market St.
Suite #888
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 693-0330

Please make note of the following:

  • Passport applications submitted to the Passport Agency by Visa Network must be completed online, downloaded, and printed (one-sided). It must contain the 2-D barcode on the top left hand corner and on the bottom right hand corner.
    The 2-D barcode pages must be clear and sharp in black print on white paper. The paper must be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, with no perforations, one-sided. Applications printed on thermal paper, dye-sublimation paper, any glossy paper, or on a dot matrix printer will not be accepted.

  • Non-rush (expedited) service takes approximately ten business days to complete.

  • For rush service a flight itinerary showing a departure date within the next 5 days or a business letter stating the urgency of this immediate international travel is required. This process takes about three business days to complete.

  • For emergency same day service, please call Visa Network (415)693-0330. Limited number of “same day” processing requests available, must call to secure a slot with Visa Network.

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