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Never Hassle with Business Travel Documents Again

You’re an HR Director or Manager, not a Travel Agent…

As you know, coordinating employee travel can feel like conducting a full-on orchestra — but only half of your musicians have working instruments!

The hard truth of company travel is this…

Visas expire, passports are lost, requirements and regulations constantly change…

And everything seems to fall on your shoulders. (Naturally, the complications arise just weeks, days, or even hours before an important business trip).

And when it comes to travel docs, the details matter. If you get them wrong…time is lost, money is lost, but more importantly, opportunities are lost.

Coordinating Business Travel Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

For 30 years strong, Visa Network has helped HR managers like you to expedite
visas, passports, and authentication services. Our clients return time
and time again for our ultra-fast and affordable, white-glove service. You have enough on your plate already. You deserve a hassle-free,confidential concierge to send your employees into the skies without ahitch or hiccup.


Visa Network’s low-cost travel documentation services are fast, easy, and secure!

Our services include:

First-time Passports

Passport Renewal

Passport Replacement

Second Passports

Travel Visas

Document Authentication

...and more!

We take the headache out of preparing and organizing employee travel docs. Partner with us to ensure that your company’s upcoming business trip gets off the ground with ease!

Your New Favorite Words…
“Visa Approved”

When the embassy or trip coordinator confirms your employees’ visas are approved, you can focus on the rest of the travel planning to get your employees onto their next travel destination.

Now you feel more confident (and a whole lot smarter) for using the fastest, easiest, and most secure travel documentation service available.

Visa Network was designed for HR professionals like you who are frustrated with the do-it-yourself method of organizing employee travel documents.

Enjoy our 100% streamlined travel documentation process. It’s fast, secure, and delivers everything you need, such as:

  • Travel visas for international trips
  • First-time passports for new travelers
  • Passport renewals for seasoned travelers
  • Affordable passport replacements
  • Important document authentication
  • The fastest turnaround times available
  • Passport renewals for seasoned travelers
  • Affordable passport replacements

Visa Network Client Testimonials

From Muralidhar K (Intel Corp)

“Visa Network has been a super service provider for my assignees coming into Dalian. After bringing Visa Network, there were no issues at all. The assignees are highly appreciating the services…”


From Stephen B Smith (Intel Corp)

“Janice and I just got back from San Francisco late this evening and wanted to see a Thank-You note. We wanted to thank you for your time and support getting through the fingerprint process at the Consulate. You both a gracious host and trusted adviser helping us through the confusion.”


From Ashley Rincon (Menalto Advisors)

“Everything is here and looks perfect! I want to express my gratitude for ALL of your help with Nels and Jon’s documents. You made me look like I knew what I was doing 😉 I will definitely be reaching out should I need any more passport/visa assistance and also recommending Visa Network to anyone who may need the same help!”


From Melissa Fraser (Elekta)

“Thank you very much for your response and update on the timing to process the Visa. In 2007 I started a log of all the employee visa and passport requests I received that were completed with the help of Visa Network. This request is my 61st transaction with your organization. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your professional and timely turnaround of every request. 61 and counting!”


From Katie Dalessandro Biomarin

“We needed an executive’s passport turned around in 24 hours, and Marcus met me on a Sunday afternoon (a holiday no less!) to ensure our executive was able to make his Monday evening flight out of the country. Unbelievable! We are so grateful to Visa Network, you all truly perform miracles.”


From Joey Li (KLA Tencor)

“Thank you guys so much for helping me renew my passport and visa. I just got my passport in hand. Thank you for the quick turnaround and help. Cheers”


From Joseph Tolentinao (Varian)

“Hope all is well. I received the passport 🙂
Thank you and all involved for the help in expediting my passport request quickly and efficiently – Great job!”


Visa Network is The Perfect Service for HR Professionals Who Want To:

  • Remain organized with employee visas, passports, and other docs
  • Rest easy knowing that every little detail is accurate and precise
  • Feel stress-free in the days leading up to a big business trip
  • Never be hassled again with all the countless moving parts
  • Send your employees on important and lucrative business trips
  • Get that priceless nod-of-approval from your boss
We serve the nation’s leading high-tech sectors, aerospace companies, corporate travel agencies, non-profit organizations, and more.

Business Travel Planning… Made Easy.

That next international trip is just around the corner. So what will it be?

Do you want to continue down the ‘do-it-yourself’ path and become overwhelmed with paperwork, detailed requirements, and new travel regulations?

Or… would you rather feel confident knowing that your employees have the visas and passports they need, when they need them, how they need them, and all for a refreshingly affordable price?

Remember, a little blue passport can make or break a business trip. Get your traveling ducks in a row with Visa Network — the #1 fastest way to get visas and US passports for employees.

About The Visa Network Team A Network of Possibilities

Visa Network is a minority-owned and operated company that was founded in 1989. As you can imagine, our team consists of dedicated professionals who know the intricacies and ins-and-outs of international travel documentation.

Our senior consultants have more than 20 years of experience working for major airlines and companies in the travel industry.

Through our experience, commitment, and collaborative efforts, we’re able to quickly resolve the most challenging travel documentation issues that arise.

And we’re here for you. Our goal is to ensure you get the travel documents you need, with the fastest possible turnaround, for a low price that easily fits within your budget.


Visa Network is ideal for HR professionals who work in a high-tech sector, aerospace companies, corporate travel agencies, and non-profit organizations, biotech industries, and many more.

The handling fees can be found on our website. Visa Network is very affordable. Call us today and we can give you a fast and accurate quote for your travel documentation needs.

Quite fast. We offer the fastest turnaround times on expedited documentation in the industry. Sometimes we can send your employee travel docs on the same day, depending on the situation.

Yes. We utilize the latest encryption technology to ensure your sensitive information remains 100% safe and secure. In fact, our service is one of the most secure documentation services available.