You should use the Sample letter as a guideline to help you write an acceptable Business letter. Business letters that do not follow the sample letter might not be accepted at the consulate, which may lead to a delay in obtaining your Business Visa. Don’t forget to print it on your company letterhead as well as having it by a company employee.

Standard Business Letter (Works for most Consulates)

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Works with most Consulates. Company letterhead, name of applicant, departure dates, and statement of financial responsibility are necessary.

 Japan Sample Letter


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Needs to have matching dates and addresses on the application along with any applicable letters.

China Sample Letter  


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  1. Information on applicant
    • full name, gender, and date of birth
  2. Information on the visit
    • purpose of visit
    • arrival and departure dates
    • place(s) to be visited
    • relations between the applicant and the inviting individual
    • financial source for expenditure
  3. Information on the inviting individual
    • full name, contact number, address, and signature
  4. Company letter head
    • company chop/seal/stamp

India Sample Letters  


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comes in two forms; one from the host company here in the United States, and the other from the inviting company over in India. Both samples are the same and will work for letters both coming from the U.S. and India. For DC applications, please contact Visa Network (415) 693-0330 for further requirements.

Brazil Sample Letter


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needs to describe in detail what activities the applicant will be undertaking during their business trip. If there is any mention of training or work involved a different visa may be needed.

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