China Consulate Closures 2019

FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO, HOUSTON AND NEW YORK January 1 (Tuesday) New Year's Day January 21 (Monday) Martin Luther King Jr. Day February 4 to 5 (Monday to Tuesday) Chinese Spring Festival April 5 (Friday) Chinese Qingming Festival June 7 (Friday) Chinese...

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China issues a new application for L.A. Consulate

Effective immediately: the China Consulate in Los Angeles has issued a new version of the V.2013 Application to be used for all visa types. Los Angeles Consulate is currently the only China Consulate enforcing the new application. The form can be found here and is now...

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China Consulate Holidays

Date Holiday Jan 1st (Monday) New Year's Day Jan. 15th (Monday) Martin Luther King Jr Feb. 15-16th (Thursday, Friday) Chinese Lunar New Year April 5th (Thursday) Ching Ming Festival May 28th (Monday) Memorial Day Jun. 18th (Monday) The Dragon Boat Festival July 4th...

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Consulate Closures

All consulate offices and the passport Agency will be closed Thursday 23, November for the U.S.A Thanksgiving holiday. Brazil consulate: Nov 10, Nov 23, and Nov 24 China consulate: Nov 10, Nov 23, and Nov 24 Israel consulate: Nov 10 and Nov 23 Japan consulate: Nov 10,...

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Russia is taking longer to process visas

Russia: Effective immediately - Aug 31st Due to the immediate closure of the San Francisco Russian consulate, processing time will be 2-3 weeks for all incoming Russian visa requests regardless of what jurisdiction you fall under. Please email our Russia desk at...

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