Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How much is your services?

Our non-rush turnarounds range from $60-100. Not including Consulate or Agency fee. For example, a passport renewal for non-rush is $270 (170 for the Government + 100 for us) No taxes. For direct quotes, please call us (415) 693-0330. Credit Cards carry a 3.3% bank fee.

Q. How long does it take to get our visa/passport?

We offer varying levels of processing times indicated on our order form.

Q. Can you pick up from our house or office?

Yes, we can arrange a courier.

Q. Where’s our invoice/receipt?

Your invoice should always be included in your return package. In some cases emailed. To request a copy, please email

Q. Will our docs be submitted the same day you receive them?

Yes, any documents arriving by early 9am when we open get submitted the same-day. That said, if a visa must be put in the same-day then there are protocols that must take place prior to shipping. Call one of our customer service agents for special instructions (415) 693-0330.

Q. Can our family or friend use your services?


Q. What if we need to expedite or rush the process last minute?

Just let us know and we’ll check what’s possible.



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