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Overview: The China consulate now requires documents to be submitted directly. Previously mail-in was the only option. Now that the Consulate is open for submittals, processing time is significantly faster (Currently 2+ weeks). That said, people are required to wait in very long lines in Consulates such as San Francisco, where only 200 numbers are being issued to about 400 people waiting in line daily.
For full docs, please visit https://www.visanetwork.com/visas. The actual checklist may change and longer than normal turnaround times should be expected as the Consulate is not offering any expediting services.


You will need to be flexible on your plans as turnaround times vary between 3-4 weeks


It is recommended you send all docs to Visa Network as soon as possible. Any questions can be sent to prc@visanetwork.com.


-Visa Network Team