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As of right now, there is no official planned opening for Visa Network. We are hoping the city will allow us to be open sometime in early June. In the mean time, please take a look at some passport service related questions.


Q: I submitted my passport application before March 19, and still have not received it. Why is it taking so long?

A: Because of public health measures, and passport agency closure; except for life or death emergency cases.

Q: How long will it take to get my passport?

A: Customers should expect delays of several months due to reduced staffing at passport facilities. Right now we can only assist with life or death emergency cases.

Q: Why are there processing delays for passports?

A: To ensure the security of personal data, US passports can only be processed and printed in secure facilities, which requires staffing. Staff is currently limited. Without the staff at the Passport Agency they cannot process passports.

Q: Is there a way to request expedited passport processing?

A: If you have a life or death emergency and require a passport to travel within 72 hours, you can call Visa Network (415) 693-0330.

Q: Can I get a status update on my passport case?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide status updates for pending applications at this time. If your documents have been submitted to Visa Network and are at our office, you may request your documents be returned.

Q: When will the Embassies/Consulates return to normal operations?

A: We do not yet have an estimate for resuming normal operations at Embassies and Consulates. Continue to check with us for updates.

Q: When will it be safe to travel internationally?

A: We do not yet have an estimate on when the Global Level 4 Health Advisory will be lifted. The Government urges U.S. citizens to continue to avoid international travel for now. We will update our recommendations when it is safe to do so.